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Zakynthos architecture: Discover the architecture of the beautiful island of Zakynthos Greece

    Zakynthos architecture has borrowed elements from the Western Europe Culture as it was once colonised by Venetians, French, Italian and English. The Zakynthos architecture combines Baroque and Renaissance styles.

The capital of Zakynthos Greece had many beautiful two and three storied manor houses, with elegant arcades. The island also has many churches.

In the 19th century, many neoclassical buildings were built. One of the most beautiful neoclassical buildings still standing today is the Municipal Theatre, built in 1875 by the German architect Ziller.

Many churches all over the island were also influenced by the neoclassical movement.

In 1953, a major earthquake destroyed the largest part of the island and wiped off all the historical buildings.

None of the two and three stories mansions survived.

Only a few exceptions of the “Eptanisian” architecture in Zakynthos were preserved and are housing today the Public Services of the island.

Some churches were preserved and renovated.

The new city that was built on the ruins tried to follow the architectural tradition but the poverty due to the earthquake didn’t allow such performance.
The architecture of the churches is also interesting.
They are characterised by their belfries that were usually built next to the church, forming small towers.
Those churches do not follow the classical Byzantine architectural style. The main building is usually long and shallow with a unique aisle like the churches in Western Europe.

Today, despite the recent increase of touristy development, the inhabitants of the island make efforts to maintain the traditional Zakynthos architecture.
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