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Zakynthos Churches: Discover the many beautiful churches of the island of Zakynthos Greece

  There is a great number of Zakynthos churches on the island. The most famous is the Church of Agios Dionyssios.

The Church of Agios Dionysios
The church of Agios Dionysios is situated in the southern part of the island’s capital, next to the port. Agios Dionysios is the patron-saint of Zakynthos Greece. His corpse was transferred in the church in 1717 from the monastery of Strofades.

His corpse is kept in a silver carved reliquary. The church attracts many pilgrims from all over the island.
The church was built in 1708 and the impressive icons were created by the hagiographers Koutouzis and Doxaras.
The Church of Agia Mavra
The Church of Agia Mavra is situated in the village of Maherado.

The church dates back to the 14th century and is considered one of the most important and famous churches of Zakynthos.

This church is mostly famous for its imposing Venetian belfry, built in such way that when the bells ring, it is said that it can be heard throughout Zakynthos.
The church has the architectural style of a simple and common basilica.

It has also a remarkable collection of icons and frescoes drew by some famous artists and painters. The church houses the icon of Agia Mavra which is considered as miraculous and is surrounded by offerings.
The Church of Agios Georgios Filikon
The church of Agios Georgios Filikon is situated on a hill in the area of Bohali. It is one of the most famous Zakynthos churches.

It is famous for an icon in front of which the famous members of the Filiki Eteria and many other fighters of the Greek revolution of 1821 such as Kolokotronis, Fotomaras and Nikitaras took their vows. The list with their names can be seen along with the icon.

The Monastery of Anafonitria

The monastery of Anafotiria is located in the area of Plemonariou, northwest of Zakynthos, near the village of the same name.

This monastery was built in the middle of the 15th century in honour of Mary Panaghia Vrefokratousa.

It consists of several buildings and its tower, once built for defensive reasons, is today used as a belfry.

  It is an impressive church that is not built in the traditional Byzantine architectural style. The main building is long and reminds mostly of the occidental architecture. It looks as if it was made of cardboard.

The entrance offers beautiful Orthodox wall paintings and the interiors look as if they have been painted with gold.

Agios Dionysios was born on the island of Zakynthos in 1546, a member the Venetian ruling class. He nevertheless refused to take advantage of his social position and became famous for his kindness, charity and miraculous skills.

The Orthodox Christians inhabitants of Zakynthos honour their Protector Saint Dionysos twice a year. The first festival takes place the 24th of August in memory of the transportation of his Holy Body to the church.

The second festival takes place the 17th of December, in memory of the death of Agios Dionysos.
Among them is the valuable jewel of Queen Olga.

The church of Agia Mavra is celebrated every 3rd of May and the villagers gather and pray all the night long. The feast attracts many visitors.

The Monastery of Agios Georgios Gremon

The Monastery of Agios Georgios Gremon(of the precipices) is situated in the mountainous region of Volimes, on the north-western part of the island of Zakynthos, in the middle of a pine covered area, close to the village of Anafotiria.

The monastery was built in the 16th century.

The ruins of an ancient castle can be seen near the monastery, a castle once used to protect the area from the pirate’s raids..

Many important ecclesiastic people, like Yerasimos Notaras or Agios Notaras, the Saint Protector of Kefalonia, have visited this monastery.

Today the monastery is inhabited by 3 monks.
It is the place where the Saint Patron of Zakynthos, Agios Dionysos, spent the last years of his life, and also where he forgave the murderer of his brother.
The Monastery houses the miraculous icon of Our Virgin “Anafonitria” which was brought to the monastery from the fallen Constantinople.

More info from the website of the Greek Ministry of Culture: here :

Monastery of Aghios Ioannes Prodromos (St. John the Baptist)
The Monastery of Aghios Ioannis Prodromos is situated close to the village of Katastari and has been built in the 16th century.

The location of the monastery offers a beautiful view over the island of Kefalonia and the Peloponnesus coast.

The Monastery houses icons of the 17th century and some fine woodcarving.

More info on the site of the Greek Ministry of Culture: here :

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