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Zakynthos villages: You can visit several villages in Zakynthos island Greece



there are several villages to visit in zakynthosZakynthos Town is the capital and main port of the island. The town is also called Zante and is situated in the eastern part of the island. It has a population of approximately 10.000 inhabitants.

Zakynthos used to have an architecture inspired from the numerous western countries that colonised the island such as Italy, France and England.

The town of Zakynthos Greece was characterised by many elegant mansions and churches. In 1953, the island was hit by an enormous earthquake that destroyed that major part of it.

Only a few buildings and churches have survived and still stand today. A new town was build upon the ruins, and the inhabitants attempted to maintain the traditional architectural style in areas like the spacious Solomos Square.

zakynthos villages: the main town of the island

The town is characterised today by a long and crowded waterfront with the Solomos Square at the right end and the Church of Agios Dionysios, patron saint of the island, at the left end. The waterfront is lined with many restaurants, tourist shops and ferry agencies.

The commercial and cultural life of the town is situated in the third parallel street from the waterfront.

The Platia (square) Solomos is a wide square surrounded by some elegant buildings with arcades.
The square is named after the island’s most famous personality, the poet Dionysios Solomos, one of the fathers of Modern Greek literature and also the author of the Greek National Hymn. A museum devoted to his life and work is situated near the Platia Ayiou Markou.

Zakynthos Town also houses the Museum of Post-Byzantine art which is situated at the Platia Solomos and a museum devoted to the life and work of the novelist and playwright Grigorios Xenopoulos which is situated near the Church of Agios Dionysios.

The Church of Agios Dionysios is situated at the left end of the waterfront. It is dedicated to the patron Saint of the island. His corpse is kept in the church in a silver carved reliquary. It is an impressive church with beautiful wall paintings.


Another church of great interest also situated on the waterfront is the Church of Agios Nikolas tou Molou.

From the hill above, a Venetian fortress watches over the town. Only the gate and the outer walls still stand today. The location offers a breathtaking view over the town and the surrounding area.


View from the village of ArgassiThe village of Argasi is a beach resort situated 5 kilometres south from Zakynthos town at the bottom of the Mt.Skopos.

It is a popular and quite touristy area, and attracts many visitors. Due to the proximity of the island’s capital, the village has known, the last years, a huge tourism development.

The road that cuts through the village is a crowded road lined from both sides by a number of hotels, taverns, bars and tourist shops.

The village has a 1 km long sandy beach where water sports facilities are available. The visitor will also have the possibility to visit the many beautiful churches of the area.

Maherado is the second largest of Zakynthos villages. It is situated 10 km west from the capital and has a population of approximately 10.000 inhabitants.

The village main attraction is the famous Church of Agia Mavra. The church was built in the 14th century. It has an imposing Venetian belfry and some beautiful frescoes and icons.

It is famous for the icon of Agia Mavra considered as miraculous and surrounded by many offerings. Among them is the valuable jewel of Queen Olga.

The area of Keri Keri is a traditional village situated 20 km southwest of Zakynthos, on a green hill.

It has a population of approximately 700 inhabitants..

It is a quiet village made of traditional stone houses in narrow streets. The square of the village offers a beautiful view over the Ionian Sea.

The village’s church, Panaghia Keriotissa, is situated bellow the village and it is said that the icon of our Lady that it houses has miraculous properties.


The village is situated 36 km east of the island’s capital. It is a small mountainous village with several old charming houses that looks to have survived the earthquakes that shook the island. The village’s church, Agios Nikolaos, was built in the 17th century and is decorated by an icon-screen.


The villages of Volimes, Ano Volimes(up) and Kato Volimes (down) is situated 30 km northwest of the island’s capital, in an agricultural area. It is a traditional village perched in the mountains with some traditional houses. The village’s church, Agia Paraskevi, has beautiful icons and frescoes.






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