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Zakynthos Greece: Discover the beautiful island of Zakynthos Greece

  Zakynthos Greece or Zante is the southernmost of the six core Ionian Islands, and also the third largest of them, after Kefalonia and Corfu.

Zakynthos Greece: The ultimate guide to zakynthos island or Zante

It is the eleventh island in size in Greece, with an area of 406 square kilometres, and also the second in population with approximately 35.000 inhabitants.
The island is situated 17 nautical miles west of Peloponnesus and 13 nautical miles south of Kefalonia.

The island was called by the Venetians “Fioro di Levante”, which means “Flower of the Orient”, because the island is characterised by a rich and dense vegetation, with pine covered mountains and many fertile plains.

This vegetation is due to the mild Mediterranean climate of the island, composed by many rainfalls during winter and sunshine during summer.
The poet Dionysios Solomos, creator of the Greek national hymn, wrote once about the island: "Zakynthos could make one forget the Elysian Fields".

Zakynthos is a fertile island with an important agricultural production. The main cultivations are olives, vineyards and citrus. Apart from the agriculture, the main source of wealth of the islanders is the increasing tourism.
The island has become famous all over the world for its natural environment, which is the place the endangered sort of sea turtle Caretta-Caretta has chosen for its reproduction.
The sea turtle is today protected by the international agreements and the Greek legislation.
The island is also known for the long beautiful sandy beaches of Vassilikos, Laganas, Tsilivi and Alykes.

Many of them have turned recently in lively beach resorts with many hotels, restaurants, cafés and bars. Some others are considered as protected areas for the reproduction of the Caretta-Caretta and have kept their natural beauty.

Many picturesque beaches can be found on the east coast of the island, whereas the rocky west side offers a great number of impressive sea caves such as the famous Blue Caves.


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